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Welcome to this section about the Brockworth Parish Plan. This is your village, so please join us and get involved.

November 2011The Final Version of the Parish Plan is here!

Coffee Morning update
A big thank you to the 40 people that attended the coffee morning on Saturday 3rd September.  The comments we collected will help us amend the parish plan before we publish the final document.

Coffee Morning
Saturday 3rd September 10.30am to midday at Brockworth Community Centre. This is an opportunity to view the draft parish plan prior to publication, please come along and have a look and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

Parish Plan front coverBrockworth Parish Plan: August 2011
The results are being published in the current parish magazine which should be delivered to you during August (copies are available in the Community Centre to pick-up).  We are holding a public drop-in meeting on Saturday 3rd September 10.30 to 11.30am for people to see the draft parish plan document prior to taking it to the parish council for adoption.

Brockworth Parish Plan: June 2011
We're in the process of drafting the final parish plan document to be published.  We're still hopeful of getting it in the next edition of the newsletter.  The printing deadline is 15th July, so we're working very hard to meet that date.  You can read the notes of our meetings by going to the bottom of this page and following the links.

Brockworth Parish Plan: May 2011
Results of Household Questionnaire - QUICK SUMMARY

We had 866 surveys completed which equates to 25% of households in Brockworth.
These are answers given by at least 50% of households, either relating to improvements they would like to see, things they would like introduced or implemented, or things that are important to them in Brockworth, are listed below. All percentages are out of the total number of households who took part in the survey (866).

  • 94% of the 866 households said it is important to them that the countryside in and around the village is not built upon in the future. 86% think that the AONB between Watermead and Coopers Hill should be protected from future development, 73% the Green Belt land inside the A417 bypass, 72% the “important open spaces” as designated by Tewkesbury Borough Council (e.g. Invista surplus land and Pound Farm playing field) and 63% the area of Green Belt and AONB to the east and north of Shurdington Road. (Q11-12)
  • 88% would like regular clearance of Horsbere Brook, while 52% would like cycle and walkways improved along the length of the brook. (Q4)
  • 77% would like litter and dog mess cleaned up in Brockworth. In a separate question, 54% said they think litter is a problem and 52% think dog waste is a problem. (Q5, Q30)
  • 75% would wish to keep the library service in Brockworth and 59% the youth service. (Q39)
  • 70% think a more visible police presence would improve community safety in Brockworth, 55% think activities for local young people would improve safety and 53% think keeping paths clear of overhanging trees and shrubs would improve safety. (Q32)
  • If new housing developments take place, 61% would like developers to place monies into a fund for general parish improvements, 55% would like improved services (e.g. doctors, dentist, public transport), 55% would like energy efficient street lighting and 50% would like play areas included. (Q10)
  • 60% would support making the community centre car park available out of hours. (Q48)
  • 57% are in favour of planning more native trees and shrubs, 56% in favour of planting on verges and roundabouts, 53% in favour of planting more wildflowers and 51% in favour of creating/improving wildlife habitats. (Q3)
  • 56% would like the local phone number to Abbotswood Surgery reinstated. (Q22
  • 54% would be interested in a Farmers Market within Brockworth. (Q26)
  • 50% think that improved signage directing Business Park traffic to avoid Ermin Street would help manage traffic in Brockworth. (Q49).


Brockworth Parish Plan: April
We have received a total of 865 completed surveys - this represents 25% of households in Brockworth which is an excellent response.  The surveys are now being analysed and we hope to publish the initial results in the next edition of the parish magazine with more comprehensive analysis being published in the Summer.  The winners of the free prize draw will be selected at the parish council meeting on 6th April.  We now have 2 prizes to give away - meal for 2 kindly donated by The Chase Hotel, and a £20 gift voucher donated by Tesco Brockworth.

We need help with transferring the comments made on the surveys onto Excel spreadsheets.  If you have some time, please give me a call - Julie 01452 863123.

Brockworth Parish Plan: March
The survey is being delivered today (5 March) and tomorrow by our army of volunteers.  Many thanks to the 35 people who have agreed to help deliver the survey.  The same volunteers will be out again on Saturday 12 March and Sunday 13 March to collect the completed surveys from your doorsteps.  If you miss the collection, please drop your survey off at Brockworth Community Centre - there is a box in reception where you can leave the survey.  The Chase Hotel has donated a meal for 2 and the winner will be drawn from the completed surveys during April.  Please complete the survey - the information we collect will be kept anonymous and it gives community groups in Brockworth the evidence they need to support funding applications which will benefit everyone in Brockworth.

Brockworth Parish Plan: February
The Parish Plan Survey is coming! Volunteers will be delivering the survey to you on Saturday 5th March and will collect the completed survey from your doorstep on Saturday 12th March. If you miss the collection, then you can drop the survey off at the Community Centre before 31st March. It's not too late to volunteer to help deliver and collect, please contact Julie on 01452 863123.

Brockworth Parish Plan: January
Thank you to everyone who attended the drop-in sessions, it was good to meet and chat with you. Based on your comments, and the ones received in the initial ‘likes & dislikes’ sheet, we are putting together a survey which will be sent to every household in Brockworth at the end of February.

It’s really important that you take this chance to make your views known: these results will shape the actions to give the future for Brockworth that you want.  The sorts of things we will be asking are:

“How would you like Horsbere Brook improved?”
“What other facilities would you like to see at the Community Centre?”

We know there seems to be a survey about everything these days, but we really hope you will give our Parish Plan one a few minutes of your time, to just tick against the options given.  The data from the surveys will be kept anonymous, with a separate tear-off slip to enter the FREE PRIZE DRAW.

HELP WANTED: Would you be able to deliver / collect the completed surveys from the houses in your street? This would be a one-off job and if you can help us, please could you contact Julie on 01452 863123 or email

Brockworth Parish Plan: December
All the comments from the drop-in sessions have been analysed and put into recurring themes.  The steering group is now working on questions and actions to ask the residents of Brockworth with a view to putting together an action plan for adoption by the parish council.  More information will be available in the next edition of the parish magazine, due out in February.

Brockworth Parish Plan: November
We have had a lot of feedback from the 3 public sessions that were held this week; we hope that you were able to come to one of them.  The Saturday morning at the Community Centre was the most popular session.

The general feeling was very positive and here are some quotes from residents:

“I’ve lived here 55 years, seen a lot of changes and I still like living here”.

“I moved here because it’s such a nice place to live”.

“We need an NHS Dentist here in Brockworth”.

A wide variety of issues were raised and some positive suggestions on how to improve Brockworth were put forward.  Issues varied from parking, litter, benches, housing, green belt, policing and much much more.  All the comments are now being analysed by themes ready for the next stage.  If you missed a drop-in session then it’s not too late to comment or find out more, please email or join the Facebook group “Brockworth Parish Plan” and look out for information on this website or in the parish magazine.

Public Drop-in Sessions
Please come along for a cup of tea or coffee and tell us your views
Monday 1st November 4-8pm at The Whittle Inn
Tuesday 2nd November 4-8pm at St Patrick's Church Centre
Saturday 6th November 9.30am to 12.30pm at Brockworth Community Centre.

Brockworth Parish Plan: July to September
Over the summer we collated all our responses to the questions “What do you like about Brockworth” and “What don’t you like about Brockworth”.  A few common themes have started to appear:

Main ‘Likes’ about Brockworth:

  • Countryside feel
  • Friendly village
  • Lots of people have lived here a long time
  • Low-crime and quiet
  • Good local services including library, shops, schools, doctors and swimming
  • Parks
  • Good bus service to Gloucester and Cheltenham.

Main ‘Dislikes’ about Brockworth:

  • Over-development
  • Increasing traffic
  • Bus service does not go round the village roads
  • Not enough children / youth activities
  • Litter and dog fouling
  • Lack of car parking.

Our next steps include consulting with local businesses, and holding 3 public drop-in sessions.  One drop-in session will be held at the Community Centre on Saturday 6th November 9.30am to 12.30pm.  Come along for a complimentary tea or coffee and tell us your ideas on the feedback we’ve had so far and suggest possible ways for us all to address the issues.  Keep a look out for posters publicising all 3 drop-in events, one will be held in the Abbotswood Road area and the other will be over in the Coopers Edge area.

Brockworth Parish Plan: May to July
The Brockworth Parish Plan is currently in its first consultation stage. Volunteers from the community are going out to community groups, clubs, schools and churches asking two simple questions: “What do you like about Brockworth; What don’t you like?”. The results of this initial survey will then direct us to what we should focus on in further stages of consultation, to eventually lead to us to the priorities for the community as a whole.

There are also boxes springing up all over the village for people to post their replies to these questions, and if you are part of a group of any kind you can expect a volunteer to come and ask you for your opinions. The Parish Fete gave us a great opportunity to speak to lot of people, and in the youth centre there have been many lively debates about what is good and bad about the area.

We really do want to hear from as many people as possible so that we know that we are focussing on the real issues for the community as a whole. For this reason this first consultation stage will continue all over the summer. Give you input now so that the rest of the consultation – and eventually the whole parish plan – is focussed on the issues that are important to you!

May 2010 - Brockworth Parish Plan
The story so far…
In a Parish Council meeting in February 2010 Gloucestershire Rural Community Council presented to Brockworth Parish Council the idea of a “Parish Plan”. They explained the purpose of the plan; showed examples for other parishes; and answered questions on outcomes and timelines. The Parish Council voted to embrace the concept of the plan, and the mechanisms to start the plan process were set in motion.

The next stage was identifying people in the community who may be important to involve. A small group of 3 parish councillors, 1 borough councillor and 1 PCSO met and identified major organisations, individuals and community leaders. These “movers and shakers” were subsequently invited to a lunch meeting, on Friday 14th May, where the concept of Parish Plan was rolled out to them. At the same stage people were asked what organisations they had links with and may be able to consult with, and the group began to discuss what the main focus for the plan should be.

The first meeting was attended by about 25 people from the community, ranging from local residents, professionals who work with children right the way through to people who run clubs for older residents. There were many areas of agreement but the group could not agree on a catchphrase and snappy title for the project. In the end a steering group of eight people came forward and resolved to meet shortly to tie up loose ends from the first, open meeting.

The steering group met on Wednesday 19th May, and in a short time had elected a chair, secretary and treasurer. In a slightly longer time they managed to tie down the title of the plan – “Brockworth Parish Plan: Proud of the Past, Improving the Future for Everyone” – as well as the structure of the first part of consultation. It was agreed that to begin with people from the first meeting would approach organisations with very open questions to try and gather information on what were the main issues for Brockworth. The results of this first survey would then feed into focussing the second stage of consultation, which would aim to capture the views of as many individuals in the area as is possible.

The first stage of consultation is due to end at the end of June, and the story of our Parish Plan will be updated then!

Interested in knowing more?  Please have a look on the GRCC website for further information about parish plans generally, click here, or contact the Parish Clerk on 01452 863123.

Notes of 14th May 2010 meeting
Notes of 19th May 2010 meeting

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