The Parish Council awards grants and donations to local organisations and charities.  A summary of Grants and Donations made since 2010 can be accessed by clicking here.

The Parish Council's accounts are audited each year by an external auditor appointed by the Government. The accounting figures submitted for audit can be viewed on the links below.
Payments over £500
All payments made by the Parish Council (including those below £500) are reported in the full council meeting minutes. In addition, the Parish Council publishes summary reports on all expenditure over £500 including VAT. The reports below show the individual payments to suppliers each month with a value over £500. Please note these are payments made in the period, and do not necessarily relate to invoices dated or received in the period.


If you require further information about any of the payments, please contact the Parish Council office setting out the details of the payment and the additional information you require. Your request will be handled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and we aim to respond within 20 working days.

We aim to be as transparent as we can, but in some cases we will need to respect information that could be seen as commercially sensitive. Some information is withheld, for example salaries, as it is personal data.

The Parish Council considers grant applications from parish organisations for the benefit the parish or residents of the parish. Please refer to the Grant Awarding Policy for further details.

Grant Awarding Policy and Application Form.