Meetings, minutes and agendas

2020/2021 Brockworth Parish Council Diary of Council & Committee Meetings 

Brockworth Parish Council full council meetings usually take place on the first Wednesday of each month at the Parish Council Offices in the New Community Centre on Court Road starting at 7pm. However, all face to face meetings are currently suspended. The Government has amended legislation allowing parish councils to meet remotely and these meetings continue to be open to the public. The details are contained within the agenda for each remote meeting.

The council operates a 'committee structure' and committee meetings are open to the public. Please see below for agenda for forthcoming meetings.

Amendments to the time will be stated on the agenda.

Residents are very welcome to attend, though if you want to speak at the meeting please contact the Clerk or Chairman before the meeting starts.

Find out more about public participation at council meetings.

Attachments referred to in the agenda relate to the councillors' meeting packs and are not available on the website.

Minutes are published on the website once they have been approved by the relevant committee / full council, which is usually at the next meeting of that committee / full council.

For minutes prior to 2014, please contact the clerk. 

2020 meetings 

8 January       
 Full Council
 AGENDA     Minutes            
14 January    Building and Grounds Committee  AGENDA  Minutes
28 January     Planning, Highways and Environment    AGENDA  (Non Quorate)
29 January   Human Resources Committee  AGENDA  Minutes
4 February  Community Committee  AGENDA  Minutes
5 February  Full Council  AGENDA  Minutes
12 February  Planning Highways and Environment   AGENDA  Minutes
13 February  Human Resources Committee  AGENDA  Minutes
13 February  Community Committee  AGENDA


26 February  Building and Grounds Committee  AGENDA  Minutes
3 March             Community Committee   AGENDA  Minutes
4 March  Full Council (earlier time of 6.15pm)  AGENDA  Minutes
9 March  Planning, Highways and Environment    AGENDA  Minutes
18 March  Extraordinary Full Council Meeting  AGENDA  Minutes
16 April  Full Council (remote meeting)  AGENDA  Minutes
24 April  Full Council (remote meeting)  AGENDA  Minutes
6 May 6pm  Building and Grounds Committee  AGENDA  Minutes
3 June 7pm      Full Council (remote meeting)   AGENDA   Minutes
10 June 7pm     Building and Grounds Committee  AGENDA   Minutes
17 June 7pm  Planning, Highways and Environment    AGENDA  Minutes 
24 June 7pm  Finance Committee   AGENDA  Minutes 
1 July 7pm        Full Council (remote meeting)  AGENDA  Minutes 
8 July 7pm   Building and Grounds Committee  AGENDA  Minutes 
14 July 7pm   Human Resources Committee  AGENDA  Minutes 
15 July 7pm  Planning, Highways and Environment  AGENDA  (Non Quorate)
22 July 7pm  Community Committee  AGENDA  Minutes 
5 August 7pm  Full Council (remote meeting)  AGENDA  Minutes
12 August 7pm Building and Grounds Committee AGENDA Minutes 
26 August 7pm Planning, Highways and Environment  AGENDA Minutes 
 2 September 7pm Full Council Meeting AGENDA Minutes 
 9 September 7pm Building and Grounds Committee  AGENDA  Minutes 
 9 September 6pm Human Resources Committee  AGENDA Minutes 
16 September 7pm Planning, Highways and Environment  AGENDA (Non Quorate)
23 September 7pm Community Committee AGENDA Minutes 
30 September 6pm Planning, Highways and Environment  AGENDA Minutes (Draft)
30 September 7:30pm Finance Committee AGENDA Minutes 
 7 October 7pm Full Council Meeting  AGENDA  Minutes (Draft)
13 October 7pm Human Resources Committee AGENDA Minutes (Draft)
14 October 7pm Building and Grounds Committee AGENDA  Minutes (Draft)
28 October 7pm Finance Committee AGENDA Minutes (Draft)
 4 November 7pm Full Council Meeting AGENDA 
11 November 7pm Building and Grounds Committee  AGENDA  
18 November 7pm Planning, Highways and Environment  AGENDA 
 25 November 7pm Community Committee   AGENDA 
 2 December 7pm Full Council Meeting AGENDA 

 2019 meetings

 9 January  Full Council Meeting Minutes             
 6 February  Full Council Meeting Minutes 
 6 March  Full Council Meeting Minutes
 3 April  Full Council Meeting Minutes
 15 May  Annual Meeting of Parish Council Minutes
 29 May  Extraordinary Full Council Meeting   Minutes
 29 May

 Annual Parish Meeting 

 5 June  Full Council Meeting Minutes
 12 June  Planning, Highways & Environment Minutes
 19 June  Building and Grounds Minutes
 26 June  Planning, Highways & Environment Minutes
 26 June         Human Resources                  Minutes
 3 July  Full Council Meeting Minutes
 3 July           Finance Committee Minutes
10 July   Planning, Highways & Environment Minutes
10 July   Community Committee Minutes
 7 August   Full Council Meeting Minutes 
 8 August          Extraordinary Human Resources     Minutes
 20 August     Finance Minutes
 21 August   Building and Grounds Minutes
 22 August  Planning, Highways & Environment Minutes
 4 September     Full Council Meeting Minutes
 9 September  Community Committee Minutes
 18 September     Building and Grounds Minutes
 19 September  Human Resources Minutes
 24 September  Finance Minutes 
 2 October    Full Council Minutes
 3 October  Planning, Highways & Environment Minutes
 8 October   Community Committee Minutes
 16 October  Building and Grounds Minutes
 17 October  Human Resources Minutes
 24 October  Full Council Meeting Minutes
 30 October  Planning, Highways & Environment
 6 November  Full Council Meeting Minutes
 12 November      Community Committee       
 18 November  Human Resources Minutes
 20 November  Building and Grounds Minutes 
 26 November  Human Resources Minutes
 28 November  Planning, Highways & Environment Minutes
 4 December  Full Council Meeting Minutes
 5 December  Community Committee Minutes
 10 December  Human Resources Minutes
 17 December  Planning, Highways & Environment Minutes
 18 December  Building and Grounds Minutes

 2018 meetings 

 10 January  Full Council Meeting   Minutes 
 7 February  Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 7 March  Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 4 April  Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 2 May  Annual Meeting of Parish Council   Minutes
 16 May

 Annual Parish Meeting 

 23 May Extraordinary Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 6 June  Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 4 July  Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 1 August  Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 5 September     Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 3 October  Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 7 November  Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 5 December  Full Council Meeting  Minutes

2017 meetings

 11 January Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 1 February Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 15 Feb Building Management Committee  Minutes
 1 March Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 5 April Full Council Meeting   Minutes
 3 May Annual Meeting of the Parish Council  Minutes
 17 May Annual Parish Meeting- a meeting of the electorate  Minutes
 7 June Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 5 July Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 2 August Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 6 Sept Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 4 October Full Council Meeting


 18 October Extraordinary Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 1 November Full Council Meeting  Minutes
 6 December Full Council Meeting  Minutes

 2016 meetings

6 Jan

Full Council Meeting


3 Feb

Full Council Meeting

2 March Full Council Meeting  Minutes
16 March Building Management Committee  Minutes
16 March Personnel Committee   
6 April Full Council Meeting  Minutes
4 May Annual Meeting of the Council  Minutes
11 May Annual Parish Meeting  Minutes
1 June Full Council Meeting  Minutes
6 July Full Council Meeting  Minutes
3 Aug Full Council Meeting  Minutes
7 Sept Full Council Meeting  Minutes
14 Sept Building Management Committee  
5 Oct Full Council Meeting  Minutes
2 Nov Full Council Meeting  Minutes
7 Dec Full Council Meeting  Minutes

2015 meetings

7 Jan

Full Council Meeting
14 Jan
Personnel Committee Meeting
4 Feb
Full Council Meeting
4 Mar
Full Council Meeting
24 Mar
Building Management Committee Meeting
1 Apr
Full Council Meeting
29 Apr
Personnel Committee Meeting
20 May
Full Council Meeting
27 May 
Annual Parish Meeting
10 June
Full Council Meeting
17 June
Building Management Committee Meeting
1 July
Full Council Meeting
15 July
Extraordinary Full Council Meeting
5 Aug
Full Council Meeting
2 Sep 
Full Council Meeting 
9 Sep 
Personnel Committee Meeting 

 7 Oct
Full Council Meeting 
4 Nov 
Full Council Meeting 
18 Nov 
Building Management Committee Meeting 
2 Dec 
Full Council Meeting 


2014 meetings 

8 Jan
Full Council
22 Jan
Personnel Committee
5 Feb
Full Council
26 Feb
Personnel Committee
5 Mar
Full Council
19 Mar
Personnel Committee
19 Mar
Building Management Committee
2 Apr
Full Council
7 May
Personnel Committee
7 May
Full Council
21 May
Annual Parish Meeting
4 Jun
Full Council
18 Jun
Building Management Committee
2 Jul
Full Council
6 Aug
Full Council
3 Sep
Full Council
17 Sep
Personnel Committee
17 Sep
Building Management Committee
1 Oct
Full Council
5 Nov
Full Council
3 Dec
Full Council
17 Dec
Personnel Committee
17 Dec
Building Management Committee